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Chairman Pete Moller leading DIYC Invasion Organizing Committee work during the - next to the last - planning meeting before the 2007 Invasion/Rendezvous

The 2007 Morgan Invasion/Rendezvous Friday and Saturday - April 20th and 21st will be sailed at
The Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa, Florida
Come sail with us or, come visit and join the parties & fun

The DIYC organization team is working on the 2007invasion program and request your help in passing this information on, ... See photos below.
The Davis Island Yacht Club, its Flag Officers, Board of Directors and regatta officials graciously hosted the 21st traditional annual, "Morgan Invasion / Rendezvous" for 2006, at the New DIYC clubhouse on Tampa Bay. WATCH this site for further news and information Re: the 2007 event .

Entry forms available at,

SPONSORS of the 2007, Morgan Invasion are listed below
  • Miller Brewing
  • Tampa Bay Yacht Sales, Inc.
  • Quantum Sail Design Group
  • West Marine
  • Tamerlane Marketing, Inc
  • Masters Construction, Inc.
  • The Palm Bank
  • Bozeman Insurance, Inc.
  • Raymond Dohle (Morgan Owner)
  • The Bobbie C. Davis Crewe
  • BlueWater Sailing Supply
  • Mary Stoltz
Please remember and support our "New Best Friends"
Follow the link below for more details ....


Each of the first 15 entries received for the 2007 Morgan Invasion will receive, as a gift from the DIYC organizing committee, a limited edition, print, of an ink drawing of the famous ocean racing yawl PAPER TIGER,designed and campaigned by Charley Morgan. Each print on archival paper will be attractively double matted and mounted with the image sized approx., 9.5” x 7.5”... each print will be individually color enhanced, signed and numbered by the artist, - Charley Morgan.Twice, forty-six years ago, the 40’ yawl PAPER TIGER astounded the ocean racing world by winning the Southern Ocean Racing Conference(SORC), back to back, in 1961 and ’62. The achievements of this audacious little yawl paved the way for Charley Morgan to later launch The Morgan Yacht Corporation; and the fleet of Morgan yachts loved, sailed and lived aboard by so many over the succeeding years.

Validate your Morgan Invasion entry now ... go to the invasion web site ASAP, ... fill out and send in your entry form now … ensure that you receive your own free, signed, limited edition, commemorative print, of Charley’s irrepressible PAPER TIGER. Otherwise, after the first 15, these prints will only be available over the Internet through The Morgan Yacht Club fulfillment center, More ..

DIYC, Morgan Hosting Fleet, "Hospitality Planning", Dinner Party ... The Davis Island Yacht Club for many years has boasted one of the largest MORGAN fleets anywhere, always attending and supporting the Morgan Invasion throughout its 22 year history

As this year's Morgan Invasion rapidly approaches, the DIYC Morgan fleet members, - as the " hosting fleet" for the 2007invasion, held a dinner party to update and finalize hospitality plans for Morgan Invasion participants and visiting "Morgan Aficionados". Dinner was set up and led by Pete and Sheryl Moller, was attended by DIYC Club Flag Officers, many Invasion organizing committee regulars, and Charley and Maurine Morgan. Pictured are Morgan Folks you will meet and greet at the 2007 invasion ... remember if you can't enter your boat fly, drive or hitch hike to the 22nd annual Morgan Invasion at DIYC, Tampa, Fl., ... April 20th - 21st, 2007

M-38 "Shoot Out" resumes ...

Pete also tells us that the continuation of the infamous, M-38 SHOOTOUT is on again, with not one but two, M-382s ganging up on Pete's undefeated, Keel-CB, original M-38, ROLLING THUNDER, - Pete grins and says that's standard fighter pilot odds and not to worry ! Those aging fighter pilots are wild men. Anyone taking bets on the outcome? (ed.)

YOU are invited: - Remember, If you cannot join in the Invasion fun with your boat, get yourself, your wife or officially designated companion, your crew or a group of Morgan sailors together and join the "Morgan Mob" for the 2007 invasion at the DIYC Tampa Bay.

About our 2007 Morgan Invasion chairman ...

While those of our readers who have attended past annual Morgan Invasions have met and know Pete Moller, most of us know little about the man at the helm of M-38 ROLLING THUNDER, other than the fact that he and his “Foredeck Queen” wife Sheryl, are always there. It’s an “Invasion fact”, that Pete the “Intimidator”, and his crew have attended all but one Invasion in its 22 year old history. This year Pete's ROLLING THUNDER team will be back again, - taking on all comers, while defending his original M-38 keel-center-boarder title against the newer keel M-382s.

Also Pete did such a good as chairperson for the 2006 Morgan Invasion that he was recruited for that job again for 2007. Here then is a short bio of a man who really knows how to “make it happen”.

Meet now, Pete (“The Intimidator”) Moller, – Bio/commentary 1939 – 2007 ...

1963 Moved onto Davis Island, Tampa, when assigned to fly the Mach 2 F-4 Phantom II jet fighter at MacDill AFB. Remained an Island resident to present except for combat tour of missions over North Vietnam and my 4 year European tour in Germany sitting Nuke alert in F-4s.

Worked for the Exchange Natl. Bank and The Sun Banks Trust Departments. Was a Senior Account Executive with Merrill Lynch for 13 years. Joined Davis Island Yacht Club in 1983 and served on their Board for 2 years and twice as its Rear Commodore.

Married Cheryl in 1985 (a banner year)

Bought the most beautiful sailboat in 1987 – a Morgan 38 traditional sloop design with a swing centerboard. Named her “Rolling Thunder” after the code name for our missions over “the North” and my luck getting through all 102 of them. Pete and team have raced the “R T” in most of the West Coast Florida Regattas, the St. Pete to Havana, Cuba race in 1998 and, in most of DIYC club races. Participated in all but 1 of the Morgan Invasions with luck and varying degrees of success. After many years of goading Charley Morgan to sail in his own invasion, Charley finally acquiesced officially signing on with Rolling Thunder’s crew 4 invasions ago. The boat obviously likes her designer and has helped the TEAM turn in bullets for each of the last 4 invasions.

Four years ago Charley threw down the gauntlet and challenged the newer and faster?,Morgan 382s (Cory/Brewer design with deep keels) to a head-to-head dual against my swing centerboard traditional Morgan 38. Results: “Rolling Thunder”, with her two geriatrics, 3, -“Tease” and her crew of young bucks and rock stars, 0! However, this is a new year and “Tease”, with a new arsenal of tricks and a wingman to protect his “six” (another Cory/Brewer designed 384 “White Wolf”) are boasting an easy win. Well Gentlemen: Start your Engines - the fight is on! (and, remember, Pete has new lenses in his eyes now. (ed)

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