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We must explain to you how all seds this mistakens idea off denouncing pleasures and praising pain was born and I will give you a completed accounts..

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One of the first priorities for Charley was the establishment of a proper design office. This included 2 young yacht designers, Jack Corey and Page Obenshain. Jack continued to lead the design team for many years. Among the first engagements for Morgan Yacht was the design and construction of 2 - 42 foot sloops, one Privateer for Sir. Eldon Trimmingham of Bermuda and Juniper for George Whitney of Massachusetts. With the proven racing success and comfortable sailing characteristics of these two boats, it was decided to venture into the production of a series of centerboard cruise/race sailboats.

34 feet appeared to be an ideal market position of sailboats at the time. It was large enough to sleep a family, small and economical enough to "be all the boat a family would need" as quoted by a local banking legend. The M34 was soon followed by the M24, M30, M27 and several other models. With the addition of the M45 and M41 models, it was became apparent that more production space was required. A nearby second plant was established, which included a separate machine shop.

Charley continued to create forward looking designs, including Panacea, a 52 foot center cockpit centerboard yawl, which was designed and built for the drugstore founder, Jack Eckerd. When Panacea was completed, Homer Denius, former owner of Maredea, proposed designing and building another ocean racing boat.

Charley took the challenge and spent many hours studying test tank results to achieve reduced resistance through the water. The result was Rage, a highly successful 54 foot racing machine. 1968 Saw the merger of Morgan Yacht Corporation to Beatrice Foods, a conglomerate from Nebraska. In 1969 the requirement for more production space became apparent, so a 40 acre parcel of land was purchased and developed to complete a new modern manufacturing facility.

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