Morgan 30

Inexpensive, shoal draft, roomy, and quick, the Morgan 30 quickly became a popular addition to the Morgan fleet.Owners living on the numerous shallow bays, lakes and estuaries of the country found the M-30 to be an ideal solution for their special conditions. One owner remarked that the M-30 was all the yacht a man needed to own. Many M-30 owners cruised the Florida Keys and Bahamas extensively; one experienced owner made a 4,000 NM, single handed cruise aboard one. The “Vintage Chantyman” will recount the story of that cruise.

The Morgan 30s were designed to compete under both the Cruising Club of America Ocean Racing Rule (CCA) and the Midget Ocean Racing Rules (MORC) winning much silver over the years. Now days they continue their winning ways sailing under the PHRF handicapping system. (Principal dimensions and particulars, photos and drawings to follow. ED)

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