Paper Tiger

Here we go folks, --- it will take some time to get miles of photos and information posted, --- but tonight we at least got a start! I'll do my best to keep it all coming. Check back to Custom Classics often! This shot was taken in 1961 as we were were giving the SORC fleet a bloody nose and a torn shirt tail, ... more to come. (ed.)

Check the size of that Genoa jib. The old CCA rule let us have a 180% over-lap in those days. We named this one the BIG MAMU and used it up to around 12 knots, - after that we went to one the same size but of heavier fabric.

PAPER TIGER'S sails were all made by MORGAN RACING SAILS ... that later would become part of Morgan Yacht Corp. Here we are heading for the "Farewell Marker " in South West pass, Tampa Bay, ... sheets eased a bit with Paper Tiger stretching her legs minutes ahead of the nearest boat in Class C and ahead of many of Class B, ... a day to remember!

Show me the way to the GULF STREAM baby!
Here PAPER TIGER takes a crossing tack to cover the entire Class C fleet and a good part of B in a freshening westerly breeze in the 1961 race to Ft. Lauderdale from St. Petersburg. Those little fat keel CB boats developed under the Cruising Club of America handicapping rule needed these large Genoa Jibs to make them go in light air and then use them to shoulder thru the seas in open water. When cruising, a smaller, high cut sail, - one was able to see under, - was used and was easier to handle.

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