MAREDEA, - Latin for Goddess of the Sea ...

The MORGAN YACHT CONNECTION is a virtual cyber-space based space created for the benefit of past, current, and future Owners of Morgan Yachts, their families, crews, friends and all "Morgan Aficionados" everywhere.

So why a Morgan Yacht, Club-like connection? ...

Well the story behind that question is ...

During the days of rapid growth of the company our mail room was a busy place indeed, sending out responses to the many ads we were running and receiving a bag full of mail from interested prospects daily. We would often receive mail addressed to THE MORGAN YACHT CLUB, - not The Morgan Yacht Corporation, - the legal name of the company. These letters always generated a good bit of fun and hilarity among our sales office personnel. A standard question was, well, why don't we start our very own Morgan Yacht Club for our owners and employees too? Well we did give the idea some serious thought but like many of the bright ones that came up in those days we just couldn't carry all of them out.

After retirement of the founders and the various changes in ownership and the fortunes of the Company, Charley's late wife Sally together with our good friend Dottie Maxwell, produced and published The Morgan Chantyman newsletter in order to help Morgan Owners everywhere stay in touch and, - with us too.

Being then a periodical without financial support other than a modest subscription fee and support from Sally's yacht brokerage firm, with no commercial bias, made continuing The Chantyman a burden especially after Sally became ill, eventually passing on early in 2010. Then too, sweet, lovely Dottie fell in love with and married a dashing retired Royal Air Force jet pilot and moved to France, leaving no knowledgeable editorial talent or support available to assist Charley in continuing publication of The Morgan Chantyman.

Now, using the World Wide Web, Email. scanners, digital photography, communication satellites, electronic news letters and such; the practicality and ease of creating a club-like connection for our owners, past owners, crews, former employees and all friends of Morgan Yachts everywhere, is a happy possibility and that is just what we have undertaken.

Editorial activities are conducted by a very small cadre of volunteers and Morgan Yacht enthusiasts bent on accumulating for a permanent archive as much historical information, photography, and reliable documentation about Morgan Yachts as possible or practicable.

There will be no club officers or any formal "Yacht Club" like structure. There are no dues or charges for membership. Membership is open to all with a truly genuine interest in Morgan Yachts, their history and the cruising, racing and life experiences of those who sail aboard Morgans; -as a sailors informational haven - absent of political, religious or sociological bias - as time goes on it will abound with stories of the sailors way of life and the rich accounts of "Vagabond Morgans" who have elected to "live large" out there, in their "Good Little Ships". This is a non-commercial site without paid advertising content or financial support operated and maintained by volunteers. Support of entities, persons or information sources of possible use or interest to Morgans will or may be noticed or regularly linked to The Morgan Yacht connection site, especially any site or group devoted to the various Morgan models or Morgan interests. Of course any or all yachts, sail or power, - built to the designs of Charles Morgan may be discussed and or reported here. Occasionally, this site may offer clothing or merchandise that Morgan folks, Morgan aficionados or Morgan Yachts may, at their option, find useful or desirable to acquire. Any such offerings will be posted directly here on the site. The site will NOT be maintaining an official REGISTRY of Morgan Yachtsas it has been found too labor intensive for our limited crew and owing to the fairly frequent changes in ownership as well as the fact that so many owners seem to just "drop off of the radar". All submissions or input received by the editors for possible inclusion or publication will be at the discretion of the editors. Email is the preferred method of communication, digital photographs are preferred. Hard copy photos will not be returned.

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